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Aging is when the skin begins to lose elasticity. This can be directly caused by extrinsic factor the sun! In fact 80% of aging is a result of sun damage. To refresh and revitalize the skin focus on hydration with antioxidants and peptides paired with AHA exfoliation. This will support the cells underneath to assist in the repair of free radical damage that has occurred.


Wrinkles! This loss in elastin doesn't happen overnight. It can be caused by intrinsic factors such as your normal facial expressions or extrinsic factors like the sun, smoking, alcohol, stress, inability to retain moisture on the skin.

If your skin tissue can not retain enough water it is impossible for the skin to repair itself resulting in accelerated aging. Ignite cell turnover with AHA's and allow your skin to soak in the antioxidants.

In order to fight damage of free radicals caused by intrinsic + extrinsic aging factors you must us antioxidants in all of your skincare. This creates a reservoir to pull from when the attack occurs.


Loss of Elasticity

Dehydration + Aging

Antioxidants + Aging