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3 Tips for Angry Skin

While "angry skin" isn't a diagnosis, it is a catch-all term for signs of irritation in the skin. These signs can range from redness, patchy, itchy, stinging, inflamed, and couperose skin types. These visible and physical signs indicate damage in the skin, specifically the stratum corneum and acid mantle.

But what causes this? Causes of irritated skin vary and often include an inflammatory response to free radicals, allergens, and over-sensitization brought by using harsh products, ultimately compromising the complexion. If the skin is imbalanced and unprotected exposure to extreme weather—both hot and cold—can also cause the complexion to become dry, itchy, or red.

Thankfully there are plenty of tools that can bring relief to uncomfortable skin.

Discover what the culprit may be the cause for your skin and learn how to prevent sensitive conditions once and for all.

We've already named many factors, internally and externally that can potentially irritate the skin but there is an underlying common denominator. Your skin's barrier.

The strength of the lipid barrier is dependent upon its ability to retain and maintain moisture on a daily basis.

Healthy hydrated skin with a complete vitamin store will generally allow the cells to perform all the necessary functions needed for healthy skin.

However, if these do not exist, the barrier is fighting a battle while being weak. Thus, becoming more susceptible to damage from even the slightest aggressor. (weather conditions, harsh topical ingredients, chemicals, and pollution.)

Unfortunately, inflammation can usually be due to a combination of the factors discussed above. Detecting exactly what is causing the skin to respond negatively is challenging, especially in the case of naturally reactive skin.

Here's the good news! Most all cases of irritation can be reduced, calmed, and ultimately resolved with treatments and paired with proper skincare. This is why we stand behind Vegan skincare.

Tips to share with your clients!

TIP #1 : Keep your skin hydrated!

While removing build up through cleansers and exfoliants are essential to a strong lipid barrier, replenishing the skin afterward is crucial to maintaining it!

Check moisturizers for peptides, ceramides, humectants, and emollients!

TIP #2 Avoid fragrances at all costs!!

With fragrances being the number 1 cause of inflammation this one is important!

Labels can be deceiving when it comes to fragrances. Make sure you are double-checking the backs of the labels on the actual ingredient lists on all skincare for words like "parfum" or "fragrance". Even if the label claims it is natural or sensitive, it can still be synthetically manufactured with artificial proprietary blends of countless chemicals and fragrances.

TIP #3 Don't skimp out on weekly pampering!

Your skin deserves TLC, especially if it is compromised. Applying a weekly soothing mask at home can calm the stressors of the week. Make it a "me-moment".

Make sure you are using a product that has high antioxidants and vitamins. Look for ingredients like Agave Extract, Linoleic Acid, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Algae!


Learn more about why AKTIV chooses to be 100% vegan!

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