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Are you making this rookie mistake?

Julia Roberts said it best. "BIG MISTAKE. HUGE!"

are you making this big, HUGE

The neck and décolleté get completely overlooked in homecare and in treatments when it comes to preventative care and anti aging treatments. This shouldn't be the case considering our neck, décolleté and face all age in the same way.

If there is any skincare rule to live by and preach, it should be to care for your neck and chest the same way you treat your face, otherwise you risk aging unsymmetrically. The neck and chest, just like the face, are exposed to the damaging environmental stressors and free radicals on a daily basis. After our 20s, our trusty collagen-building abilities begin to slack. In order to balance this you must supplement where the skin is lacking through collagen and elastin promoting ingredients like peptides, antioxidants & topical hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin supple and hydrated to avoid the unwanted crepe like appearance. With all of this being said, protecting the skin with daily application and reapplication of sunscreen is the number-one priority second to bringing all of your products down to the neck and chest for long term anti-aging.


AKTIV believes simple = sunstainable when it comes to the every day routine!
Check out these Skin FIT Mixers for a simple way to ensure these ingredients make it into the every day routine!

Jojoba Milk Skin F.I.T Mixer

A luxurious light weight blend extracted from Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Milk & Glycerin to add optimal hydration and reduce TEWL!

Vitamin C Skin F.I.T Mixer

This vitamin C ester improves appearance of aged, dull, and fragile skin through high antioxidants and collagen synthesizing properties. This is a must have for anyone in their early to mid 20's looking for a holy grail nighttime skincare product! Always pair vitamin E for best results.

Pro Peptide PRO Mixer

Peptides are amino acids that make up certain proteins needed by the skin to rebuild and repair damaged cells and signal for more collagen production! Collagen is made of three polypeptide chains. Adding this Pro Peptide blend will signal for more collagen production. For best results, we encourage pairing this with B + C vitamins!


Treating the neck is just as essential as the face during facial services if not more so due to the significant lack of in clients' homecare routine.The golden rule is offering upwards movements covering the full neck up to the jawline throughout the service. And educating your clients on how to apply these movements at home! Through professional treatments and services incorporate these anti aging methods through advanced modalities such as shiatsu massage, guasha, ultrasonic, and microdermabrasion. No matter the treatment, the service must conclude with a layer of zinc based SPF covering the face, neck and décolleté.

In correcting wrinkles, loose skin, horizontal creases in the neck and chest it's important to recognize the primary cause whether it is dynamic wrinkles (formed through daily movements like side sleeping) or static wrinkles (formed through the natural intrinsic aging process.)

Sun exposure is a large contributor in the premature breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers. Be sure to talk with your client about their sun habits and the protective measures they are taking to prevent UV damage.

It seems we are starting to see accelerated aging in the neck younger than ever before. This is likely being caused by "tech-neck", the position we hold our neck in when we are endlessly scrolling through social media or the repetitive of up and down motion of looking at a computer or our phones. It is not only impacting our posture but it is causing dynamic wrinkling in the neck area to. be experienced earlier than previously seen in previous generations.I don't foresee technology usage decreasing in the near future so starting education and treatments earlier is the best preemptive measure for combatting this phenomenon!

There's no need to recommend a full on 30 minute nightly routine to your client. Basic maintenance homecare with a few key essential ingredients listed above is the best TLC you can give the delicate neck and chest to prevent accelerated aging.

If your client is ready to go beyond the basics amp up their regular facial and homecare routine we recommend custom blending a take home treatment product with AKTIV PRO Mixers. Our advanced blend using AHA's, coQ10, vitamin E and peptides was formulated specifically to improve collagen, production fine lines and wrinkles!


Get PRO certified at AKTIV Elevate Summit to learn more on this blend and so many more!

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