Balance = Success.... in Times of Stress


Hi everyone! I bet you didn’t need to know this: according to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, exercise improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and by improving self-esteem and cognitive function. Many of us are probably having more anxiety and negative moods during this stressful time than before and that alone is reason enough to find the time to get a good workout in 3 or 4 days a week. Besides exercise being a great way to maintain our physical health, it’s also been found to alleviate symptoms like social withdrawal. Exactly what our lives have been centered around for the last month or so, and looks like it may be a bit longer. Do yourself a favor and find an exercise routine you like to do and make the commitment. It should be fun, and the time should go by fast. Your endorphin levels will rise (the brain’s natural feel good chemicals) and you’ll FEEL better, have more energy and slay the day. Social withdrawal won’t feel so bad because you’ll create a routine, make the best of a challenging situation, and lift your spirits high. I guarantee you’ll feel better after doing something for yourself!

My favorites things to do while I’m at home are: stretch in the morning, do Jazzercise On Demand 5 times a week (until our Staunton Center reopens), garden and rid my closets of clothes (feels so good), throw out old make-up and replenish with new. Just get my personal “house” in order so when we re-open for life – I’m charged and ready to go! Have an amazing day and remain healthy and hopeful,

Maryann Acuff

Jazzercise Staunton

AKTIV Skincare User

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