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Celebrate with us!

She takes this stuff seriously, in the best way!

You can probably catch Taylor at a bar, dinner or really any social gathering causally slipping the importance of sun protection into bar conversations with strangers, explaining the differences between UV rays and physical & chemical spf!

"I never want to fear monger the sun or living your life! Mainly, because that would be hypocritical. For me it's never about judgement and only about the education. The sun is a fixed element in our every day - unavoidable and inevitably going to be there whether we see it or not! If we can take precautions and protect ourselves it will only prolong the quality of life! And that's my goal and mission to share with everyone!"


"What a fun early birthday surprise to be published on a topic I'm so passionate about!"

Go to snack: A Honey Crisp apple with extra crunchy peanut butter- I know very specific"

# 1 juke box request: "Queen or ABBA, for sure"

Unpopular opinion: "I'm really not a big cake or donut kind of girl"

A random fact about yourself: Idk, my brain can pretty much relate any situation/ scenario to a spongebob episode.

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