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Did someone say cocktails?

Let's enhance a simple acne protocol with these treatments!

What are some ways we can incorporate something new into a facial protocol?

1. Mask Cocktails *aka "Zone Therapy"

2. Dr. Jacquet Massage

Check out this video explaining the advanced technique Zone Therapy.

Let's say my client has dehydration and acne. If you followed along with last week's Work With Me Wednesday post, you'll remember the order of operations when it comes to the skin for long-term results.

  1. Dehydration

  2. Inflammation

  3. Acne

  4. Aging

The simple answer to addressing both concerns is applying a hydrating mask to all dehydration and an acne mask as a spot treatment to the acne lesions.

Where in the facial can I complete this step?

Add it to the masking step! No need to change anything up or substitute for anything.

My client loves massage but I know acne isn't supposed to be massaged over. What should I do?

We always want to give our clients the best service, but often times what they want and what they need can be conflicting.

Luckily in this situation, there is a solution. The Dr. Jacquet massage technique comes from a French dermatologist. In 1907, Jacquet introduced a facial massage technique that consisted of a gentle manual squeezing, twisting, and kneading of the skin (petrissage). This technique is especially effective in the treatment of oily and acne-blemish skin. This is great to perform before extractions as it loosens sebum and prepares the follicles to release.

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