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I attended the SCCF Entrepreneurship Summit and here's how it went!

Who is SCCF?

The Shenandoah Community Capital Fund was founded in 2008 and issued its first loan in 2009 in support of growing a strong, accessible, and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Shenandoah Valley. They have since dedicated time and resources to building the small business community in the valley area.

How can SCCF support your business?

They will help fund your idea, help you discover the needed resources for your business, and help introduce you to other professionals and small business owners to build your community.

What is the Entrepreneurship Summit?

The Shenandoah Valley Entrepreneurship Summit was designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, dreamers, and doers from across the Shenandoah Valley. Whether you are in the idea stage of your business, have been running your side hustle for years, or are ready to scale your business, you will find informative and approachable sessions for you. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, how much money you make a year, or where you live in the valley, anyone is welcome to attend!

As an attendee, here are my top takeaways & why you should attend next years:

1. I was so inspired by my community!

I heard success stories and even some stories of struggles from other small business owners. Although the success stories can always be inspiring, the shared struggles were truly so motivational, because, despite the ebbs and flows of business, they still showed up! Business owners alike covering all industries were choosing to not give up but to learn and grow from and WITH each other.

2. The educational classes were applicable and actionable!

Not only did guest speakers share their areas of expertise, but they gave real advice and tools to use every day. The advice felt not only applicable but attainable. It was catered to all levels of experience- Day 1 novice to 25 years in business! It was interactive with an open floor for question-answer sessions. It was a safe, non-judgmental space for any question!

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3. The vendors!

The community support from other businesses all around! Local businesses shared their time and goods with us! (Chicano Boy, Prepopsterous Gourmet Popcorn & Crucible Coffee to name a few). It felt like exactly what small business is about: building a stronger-together community instead of competition pitted against one another.

4. The follow-up opportunities!

Conferences are wonderful for clearing a direction, boosting confidence, and planning new ideas, but when it's over and you leave, sometimes that high stays behind. What I love most about this event is the many opportunities provided beyond the summit. These opportunities include networking, reaching out for extended help, and fun get-togethers to stay in touch with your support system.

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