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Level up your SPF game


It is commonly implemented into skincare formulations for its ability to enhance protection against cellular damage generated by UV-light exposure.

Therefore, you should seriously consider infusing Beta-carotene into your topical products in service and urging your client's to extend this practice in their daily routine. By incorporating this simple step, the skin's overall appearance improves for long term benefit through protecting against and reducing oxidative stress.


Beta-Carotene is a family member of "carotenoids" (which is actually a derivation of the Latin name for carrot, hence the fun name.) And with it being most abundant in fruits and vegetables, you can thank them for the rich green, yellow or orange colors we see.

This same component that gives carrots their brightly colored orange can do wonders for your skin. As a precursor to vitamin A, this not only gives the skin a younger and healthier radiance, it also empowers great antioxidant action to boost the efficacy of Vitamin E + C!

Numerous studies have found that by supplementing beta carotene into a regular daily routine topically (and internally through carotenoid-rich diets or vitamins) leads to an increase of photo-protection from UVA and UVB reducing the exposure risk of sunburn and accumulated lifelong photo-damage.


The AKTIV Skin F.I.T Mixers use pure ingredients to amplify treatment products that create custom skincare solutions for concern. While these power ingredients are impactful to the skin, they have been thoughtfully formulated to safely customize home care at the bathroom sink!

The "I" F.I.T.

Beta Carotene is categorized under the IGNITE triad of Skin F.I.T Mixers.

This means it improves cellular energy production by igniting your cells to block oxidation reactions which reduce the skin's ability to retain optimal collagen + elastin levels. This is crucial to addressing cell disorganization which leads chronic inflammation and dehydration.


STEP 1: Choose your favorite AKTIV mask, moisturizer or SPF for the day + scoop out your daily amount!

STEP 2: Twist off the dropper to your AKTIV Beta Carotene Free Radical Defender, carefully mix 2 drops into your product of choice. Mix together evenly + apply directly to skin.


Beta Carotene is thiiick. So just be aware of this consistency as you are walking clients through what to expect. No goopy worries here, it is practically undetectable once mixed properly and applied topically.

Looking to deep dive into Skin F.I.T Mixers? Check out under "AKTIV INSTITUTE" for more educational resources or schedule a "Partner Education" to a virtual appointment.

-Taylor Benson, AKTIV VP of Sales + Education

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