#MASKNE | Do you have it?

Have you been struggling with the newest skin condition MASKNE (acne caused by a face mask)? Check out what Good Morning America has to say:


#1- Cleanse! We recommend our PURIFYING GEL WASH in our clinical line. Acne is a build up of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. This buildup can be treated with the light acid in the gel wash that breaks down the build up allowing the release of oil and dirt while also addressing any pigmentation that may have occurred.

#2- Use a Vitamin C Serum- Your body needs Vitamin C topically EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you have never used a Vitamin C before use VITAglow in our Evolution line. If you are an avid user of Vitamin C step up your game with our clinical POWER C SERUM boasting 12% vitamin c!

#3- Don't use an occlusive moisturizer switch to a gel. Our AKTIV BLUEBERRY ALOE GEL in our botanical line is perfect to get your skin perfectly hydrated without clogging any of your pores.

#4- Add a Retinol! If you aren't using our retinol syringe even SPLASH MAGAZINE thinks you are missing out. This serum is good for all conditions including wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, and sensitivity. Apply nightly after a treatment mask and/or our perfectly pH balanced cleanser for the best results.

Have more questions? Don't worry we have you covered. Visit AKTIVskincare.com to get more information from a licensed skin coach by submitting your information for a consult.

Let's start your journey to healthier skin,


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