During this time AKTIV wants to share positive inspirational stories! Let's make positivity the signal within the noise.

Meet Patricia! She is 80 years old & has been using AKTIV Skincare since formulation. She says " I'm 80 by now I know what works and what doesn't work."

Patricia is such an inspiring story not only is she beautiful on the outside her strong spirit brings a light to all those who meet her. Just like you and me, she woke up to something called the coronavirus just a few short months ago. In her own words it has been "life changing" but instead of focusing on the negative Patricia keeps choosing every day to keep a positive state of mind. She wanted to share her AKTIV story with you!

Patricia's Story: I am a sun lover who chooses to remember that all things work together for good. At the beginning of this virus I was definitely struggling with not seeing my family as well as not being able to embrace in those big hugs from my perfect grandchildren. A few week in the distance is still not easy, but I have turned to finding my joy in the little things and one of those things is AKTIV. Each morning I give my self a little spa treatment with my AKTIV products. Since using AKTIV I have had many people tell me they can't believe I am 80! I am ready to come out of this home quarantine ...refreshed, revived, and glowing!

Patricia's Favorite Product: Antioxidant pH Restoration ( AKTIV Clinical) | $27

  • High in antioxidants proven to fight aging accerlators

  • Calms redness and irritation

  • Helps accelerate the natural repair process

  • Balances skin’s natural pH keeping hydration levels up

  • Prepares skin for maximum absorption of moisturizer and serum


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