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Post Summer Blues? Let's get that glow back!

After a summer full of sunshine and consistently reapplied SPF, our skin can go a little dull.

We don't look as hydrated, or fresh. Maybe even red or inflamed. These are all very common symptoms we are seeing as we head into the fall.

This is due to all of the free radical over-exposure we've endured while enjoying the summer!

Don't beat yourself up too much! It's actually just a reminder that with the season change, so should our skincare. What better time to start the season fresh than with a few new ingredients!

Switching up a skincare routine for the season doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or more time consuming than the previous one.

This is where Apple Extract becomes the ally to treatments and homecare. Apple Extract is very high in antioxidants, vitamin A, B + C AND contains AHA properties. This is not only addressing hydration and inflammation but assisting in healthy cell turnover which can help reduces acne breakouts + signs of premature aging.

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This week's Work With Me Wednesday

Okay, imagine your integumentary system as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The "villain" in this scenario are free radicals. The body's cells can be thought of as "the town" or "the world" that is being threatened. With every villain, there is always a superhero to counteract whatever is being targeted. The "superheroes" in this story are Vitamin A, C & E. Vitamin E is holding down the fort. They are at the scene and protecting the cell on site! Vitamin C is fending off anything that can interfere with Vitamin E that can interfere with the cell's health. Vitamin A is the side kick to both C + E, because maintaining the cell from corruption is the ultimate goal.

SO, what does this mean in terms of skin health?

In short, your skin needs vitamins on fundamental level. When the integumentary system is lacking core nutrients to function optimally, it creates a deficiency and depletion. This allows the cell to be an easy target for free radical damage with no defense system or "superheroes" to save the day.

Wanna know how you can get Vitamin A, C + E (and bonus Vitamin B!)

It's simple!

Mix Apple Extract with Vitamin C + E Essential Antioxidant Moisturizer for the ultimate multi-vitamin custom blend!

Learn more about Vitamin A, C & E + skincare in the video below!

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