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Raise your glass to thirsty skin!

Textured, inflammation, dull, aged, breakout-prone skin can all be linked to a lack of one specific thing.


While it seems to be a simple fix, it might take more than a layer of moisturizer to raise your hydration levels.

But it isn't impossible. With a little TLC, skincare, and proper habits and routines you can bring your skin back to life!

The most common source of hydration is through drinking more water! This is a great method for internal to external health because hydration transports nutrients to your cells and encourages better intercellular communication. But drinking water isn't going to directly hydrate the surface of your skin.


1. Use water-based products. Even better use aloe-based products.

Aloe doesn't only treat sunburned skin, it has amazing hydrating benefits, is wound healing, fights acne, and is anti-aging.

This is why AKTIV uses aloe as the base for products!

2. Add power ingredients to your everyday to push in extra moisture.

Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, agave, jojoba milk all contain humectant properties. This draws moisture into the skin from the outside air to replace what moisture has been lost through TEWL.

Check out AKTIV's Skin FIT Mixers to add these ingredients to your favorite products!

2. Top it with an occlusive!

Just like water-attracting ingredients are important in hydration retention, trapping in those ingredients is going to encourage the maintenance of hydration in the skin. Once we draw it into the skin, we do not want to lose it again. Heavy-weight creams and sleep-in masks are a great way to add these to your PM routine, especially for acne-prone skin. If you are prone to dehydration or lack natural sebum production, applying a heavier moisturizer can be beneficial in AM + PM routines!

Make your favorite lightweight moisturizer into a heavier consistency with AKTIV Skin FIT Mixers: Pro-Peptide, or Linoleic Acid! These have high protien and omega counts to protect the barrier from dehydration!


The Importance of Hydration

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