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The 5-Minute, 4-Step Cocktail To Experience The Zest of Life

What is zest? Well according to Webster's dictionary zest can be defined as energy. There is energy all around us and we want to make sure we are putting off the best energy to be the most appealing.

Getting the itch for that summertime feeling?

Then you need to visit a local AKTIV partner or host your own cocktail party to experience the Zest Appeal limited edition designer cocktail. This skincare cocktail is all about living your life to the fullest and feeling free without the weight of your responsibilities! This all-in-one cocktail blend takes away your skin worries and fights all the battles for you!

What are Cocktail parties?

& The top 3 reasons why you're going to want to have one.....

  1. Cocktail parties are in-home parties where you get the full AKTIV experience. A Skincare mixologist walks you through how to properly treat your skin with a mini-facial and your group makes a custom blended mask cocktail!

  2. You get a custom skin analysis to see what ingredients would work best for your skin!

  3. Guaranteed that every attendee leaves with the proper hydration and education to keep their skin healthy & balanced.

Want to host a party! YES, YOU DO! Party hosts get host perks! Make sure to click the link at the top of the blog to book yours today!

Are you ready to become a skincare mixologist and start hosting your own parties?

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