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The acne treatment that's been right under your nose

Antioxidants act as a silver bullet for acne-prone skin. Also known as free radical scavengers, they are powerful substances that can protect the skin from free radical damage, aging, and a host of diseases, and should hold a special place in your skin care regimen.

When you are battling acne-prone skin, there always comes a point where it feels like you've tried every product, every tip, and trick in the book to clear up your skin. This normally includes a harsh face wash, a drying spot treatment—you name it.

It's exhausting.

The problem with these extreme methods is how the skin becomes brutally stripped. And this is not treating the root cause of the issue. Ugh. Unfortunately won't find a permanent solution to the condition without treating the underlying issue.

For most consumers, it can take some time to figure this out. However, there's no time to waste here. We've talked about what doesn't work... what does work?


While acne is primarily recognized as a bacterial condition, it is often overlooked as the result of free radical exposure.

Free radical damage extends beyond just, DNA corruption, collagen breakdown, and pigmentation issues. They cause acne, too. Free radicals are released by UV light and air pollution- basically causing all hell to break loose on the skin. This is due to the inflammatory response of the skin to free radicals disrupting the skin's cells. Inflammation can interrupt the barriers' function, leading to an array of issues like acne and even aging. It's a chain reaction. So if there is a bacterial issue, paired with free radical damage- it's a recipe for blemished skin.

This is why antioxidants are the missing puzzle piece to solving your acne conditions.

Shoutout to a few of the top antioxidants you should be looking for and incorporating into your skincare routine: Vitamin A, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc!

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