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The Fountain of Youth: Myth, Legend, Applied topically?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It seems that from the beginning of time, humanity has chased these "magic waters" of infinite youth. And it's not hard to understand the hope of this "eighth wonder of the world" being discovered.

But is it really a wonder in skincare? Or are we overlooking science already discovered?

So, what is the eighth wonder? At AKTIV, we call it Hyaluronic Acid.

Just kidding... but Hyaluronic does play a vital role in the aging process. Or more importantly, the lack thereof!

Few are unfamiliar with this ingredient, as it remains to be a buzz-worthy staple in the health and beauty industry. Scientifically, we know Hyaluronic Acid to be a large molecule humectant.

In other words, a water magnet!!! The high molecular weight of this ingredient helps to form a protective film on the skin’s surface reducing water evaporation, better known as "Trans Epidermal Water Loss" (TEWL).

Hyaluronic may already be an essential in your treatment room or your own personal regimen, as it should be! This singular ingredient has the capability of binding between 1,000 and 10,000 times its volume! Talk about dewy!!

FUN FACT: Did you know the skin has the largest hyaluronic acid reservoir, being present in both the epidermis + dermis? This means that not only do your cells recognize this ingredient, but they LOVE and WELCOME it. It binds water in both layers which is essential to preventing inflammation + aging and as a result, it increases the elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

Let's further explore how H.A. interacts with our cells.

Hydration relates to the moisture content between cells. A common misconception is that oil production & hydration are mutually exclusive. This is not the case, as moisture comes from its own separate gland. Better yet, hydration has it's own 2 way system. What comes in also goes out. Coming in, you have moisture from the air absorbing into the skin. Humectants do their best work during this. Going out, moisture actually evaporates from the skin back into the air. This is referring to that process of TEWL.

Repeat after me: All skin needs hydration!! Dry, oily, mature, supple, damaged, and even healthy, well-balanced skin depends on the presence of moisture to thrive, heal and maintain.

The key to maintaining hydration is through topical application of hydrating ingredients that activate the natural hyaluronic acid intake capacity. This can also be achieved through repairing the ceramide bilipid barrier. Both of these actions ensures retention of the natural moisture produced by the skin. Ultimately, allowing for what comes in to stay in!

When the hyaluronic acid store is preserved, the integumentary system has better regulation of cell behavior. As a result, there is a profound effect on cell metabolism + intercellular communication. This allows for a stronger defense system guarded by your Langerhans, faster tissue and wound healing, and a fan favorite: better penetration of active ingredients!

Dissimilar to the benefits, aging and improper care has the opposite impact. The H.A reservoir decreases and becomes fragmented. Once the skin becomes dehydrated, natural skin functions, like mitosis (cell division) slow down. While hyaluronic acid is still present in the dermis, it is practically non existent in the epidermis. Unfortunately, this process accelerates the appearance of common unwanted characteristics associated with aging skin.

Depending on the lifestyle of your client, they may be losing moisture excessively without taking the extra care to replenish it. As a provider, getting to know your client is crucial to delivering results when customizing their treatment room experience + recommending proper homecare.

Look out for these lifestyle factors that could be causing accelerated moisture loss:

-saunas, prolonged baths or high external humidity

-Lipid Barrier Damage

-Lack of natural oil production (Natural oil can act as a barrier to dehydration)

-Prolonged Inflammation or over -sensitization.

- Extended periods of time in the sun. especially unprotected. (Photo damage depletes the natural hyaluronic acid store in dermal and epidermal layers)

Dig deeper with me next week! Join my "Work w/ Me Wednesday" zoom to ask questions and learn more on how to "rehab" your clients skin using Hyaluronic + Algae to address their skin concerns and set the foundation for achieving long term results!

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-Taylor Benson, AKTIV VP of Sales + Education

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