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The treatment doesn't stop at the end of the service!

Here is a scenario for you.

Imagine you've just completed the dreamiest, moisture-surging facial. Your client is in bliss, thanking you for the service and complimenting you on how wonderful their skin feels and looks.

You continue with a brief checkout process, not wanting to interrupt their serenity. They rebook and leave to be seen in a month, rinse and repeat.

This seems like the perfect experience, right? Not quite. There is one thing missing.


Unfortunately, there is a stigma around product sales that can feel tricky to navigate after a relaxing treatment. There shouldn't be.

The thing is, your client is very happy with the results you are providing them. But what they don't realize is that the results won't continue beyond the treatment if there is no home care.

Learn the key factors to keep the treatment going in the video below.


The treatment that keeps the treatment going!

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