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The truth about "C"


Vitamin C might be the 1 ingredient that never seems to go out of style.

But is it science backed or just a hyped up trend?

It's original purpose was to treat scurvy in sailors and pirates. It makes sense that this lifestyle would be most affected with 30% of the body's vitamin C store being lost when exposed to 10 minutes or more of UV radiation a day. Talk about a real vitamin C deficiency!
Through this discovery, we've found all the wonders Vitamin C does for the skin.

Brightening Power

One of vitamin C's most known benefits is how it makes your skin absolutely glow! This is especially beneficial for client's struggling with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by inflammatory acne papules + pustules. This is also great news for sun lovers! While Vitamin C does not inhibit melanin production like a counter part skin lightener, it does help to reduce brighten dark spots and prevent future pigmentation disorders.

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C + E = A Super Vitamin

When used in conjunction Vitamin C + E i reduce oxidative damage to the skin and are better equip your skin cell's to fight free radicals that traumatize your cell membrane structures.
Being in constant contact with the external environment stressors like pollutants and UV radiation, the skin is subject to more insults than most of our other organs, and is where the first visible signs of aging occur.

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Sun Burn Savoir

Our skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C, which supports antioxidant protection against UV-induced photodamage. UV light depletes vitamin C content in the epidermis. Vitamin C protects the keratinocyte from being compromised and increases the cells' survival from death! Through supplementing the skin with vitamin C to UV damage resistance increases, aka reducing the chances of dreaded sunburn. Inform your client's that the most synergistic results occur with application of vitamin C, vitamin E and of course SPF!!

Pairs well with: AKTIV Skin FIT Mixer Beta Carotene

Wound Healer

Of all effects of vitamin C on skin health, its beneficial effect on wound healing is the most dramatic and potentially the most captivating. It contributes to healthy skin is the connection between vitamin C deficiency & poor skin function. Vitamin C helps to synthesize collagen formation which not only assists in anti aging practices but in vital wound healing. This greatly minimizes raised scar formation caused by skin injury or acne lesions. A lack of vitamin C also causes a thickened stratum corneum and skin fragility accelerating aging and dull lack luster skin. Vitamin C turnover at wound sites, due to both local inflammation and the demands of increased collagen production.

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Activate those fibroblasts!

It is well known that fibroblasts are responsible for stimulating collagen & elastin levels of the dermis but what you may not have known is this is absolutely dependent on vitamin C, specifically in the form of Vitamin C ester! As we age the skin becomes fragile, thin and sallow. This is likely due to the the dermal-epidermal junction flattening , losing surface area which makes it harder for proper cell communication between these two layers.

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Dry Skin Repair

Dry skin unfortunately becomes common as we age. This is due to loss of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans). Additionally caused by the reduced capability to maintain moisture levels in the skin. The daily application of vitamin C enhances the production of barrier lipids and essential to the formation of the stratum corneum. This increases ability of the skin to protect itself from TEWL.

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Learn more about the power of Vitamin C with me on a Partner Education call.
We can discuss adding this to your retail shelves and client's home care for youth boosting results!

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