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Top 4 Winter Skin Tips

As we head into cooler temperatures, this can drastically affect our skin. Let's get ahead of this with these simple lifestyle tips.

1. Avoid Scorching Hot Water!

As someone who loves a piping hot shower or bath to warm me up after being in the cold, I know how much of a treat they can be. BUT the after-effects make my decision to limit them very easy. It can be so damaging to the skin's lipid barrier, going from one extreme to another. Opt for lukewarm water as a happy medium to avoid losing natural protective oils from the skin. This goes for washing your face too!

2. Moisturize!!

It may sound like a given but moisturizing really can be the ultimate defense against dry winter skin. Here are a few key things to know about keeping your skin hydrated. Always moisturize your skin after cleansing, or exfoliating. This will restore the barrier after being stripped. Apply your hydration from thinnest to thickest in consistency. This ensures the target ingredients in serums and ampoules are able to get where they need and moisturizers are able to retain moisture in the skin by trapping in power ingredients. If you apply a humectant, like Hyaluronic Acid on the skin while it is wet it will actually enhance the water-binding properties by activating them. The same goes for moisturizers. The goal is to seal in as much hydration as possible!

3. The sun sees you even when you don't see the sun!

Wearing SPF 30+ is a given all year round. Yes even though it's cloudy out or you don't see the sun when you are outside. The UV rays present in the atmosphere can cause inflammation and inflammation untreated wear on your hyaluronic acid store and your collagen and elastin. add a broad-spectrum mineral-based SPF to your morning routine. The sunscreen will not only provide protection against harmful UV rays but will also keep your skin moisturized.

4. Cut out abrasive over-exfoliation!

Over-exfoliating is always detrimental to the skin but especially during the winter. Keep exfoliation to 3-4 a week and opt for moisturizing exfoliation methods/ Choose chemical exfoliation or enzymes over harsh scrubs. These abrasives can cause your skin to lose natural protection, cause micro-tears, and aren't actually creating any positive change below the stratum corneum. If you like to alternate mechanical exfoliation in your routine, go for a gentle fine jojoba bead style.

Learn the best way to offer advanced services to dry, sensitive skin below.

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