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The Anti Aging Device You've Had All Along

Are you in search of a something new, trendy and anti aging to add to your menu to grab clients' attention? What if i told you that you already have it? YOUR HANDS!

Shiatsu (meaning "finger- pressure" ) is a form of therapy of Japanese origin. Similar to acupuncture, this technique applies pressure to certain points on the face using your hands.

Using the same principles as Chinese medicine's acupuncture, good health is dependent on the free circulation of the energy, as know referred to as "Qi", throughout the body. Shiatsu combines massage technique by applying pressure on energy points. The process removes energy blockages caused by pain or tension to allow energy to circulate freely. Chinese medicine states that these energy points on the face connect to energy pathways on the entire body.

This ancient massage technique is easy to learn with no special equipment, supplies or oils needed. It can be easily incorporated to any facial treatment.

As simple as "1, 2, 3 Release"

Each touch in Shiatsu is performed on a count of 3, with each count lasting 3 seconds.

1. Touch the skin.

2. Apply pressure.

3. Release pressure.

Each point pressed repeated 3-5 times, up to 10 repeats in areas of need.

Read below for all of the benefits!

  • It increases the blood flow in the face and neck region.

  • The facial skin appears bright, radiant and reduces signs of lines and wrinkles.

  • The muscles of eyes and face are deeply relaxed after shiatsu reducing strained eyes, tension headaches, related pain, stress and anxiety,

  • This therapeutic massage also clears nasal air passages and it is beneficial in patients suffering from sinusitis.

  • Facial shiatsu massage also enables liver and gall bladder functioning.

  • Helps in retaining moisture contents of the dermis.

  • A very small quantity of serum or lotion is normally used to ease over the fragile facial areas. Since oils are not necessary client's wont leave with an oily appearance.

Interested in learning how to incorporate this into your facial? Check out AKTIV Institute on AKTIV Wholesale for our Massage Protocol.

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