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Your phone could be aging you. Here are 5 ways to prevent this!

The technology boom of the 90's advanced society like never before and continues to. And while modern technology has brought us so many luxuries, there’s definitely a price to pay. And not just sticker prices, but our overall health.

We had no idea what the effects of having a little computer in your pocket all day would be other than bringing to life the saying " having the world at your fingertips".

It is now showing that the blue light emitted by our phones, tablets, and computers can actually harm our skin, and eyes from recent research. This form of high-energy visible light is considered a modern free radical aggressor that is actually wreaking havoc on our cellular structure. Damaging these essential proteins leads to the shrinkage and death of cells. Thereby accelerating the aging process prematurely through the loss of collagen and elastin. Over time consistent and constant use contributes to photo-damage like skin discoloration, inflammation, and skin fragility.

Read to find out how you can protect yourself against blue light damage.

1. Blue light screen protectors. These are easily accessible online and work the same way an average screen protector would.
2. Adjust your screen settings. Replace the blue light with a yellow backlight. Most smartphones and many apps offer a setting called "Night Mode" or "Dark Mode" to make this possible. (It's can be much gentler on your eyes, while also protecting your skin)

3. Use a broad-spectrum SPF that covers all harmful light including blue light. See, it's good to wear SPF every day even if you are inside all day.

4. Antioxidant-abundant skincare regimen. Pack your daily regimen full of highly potent antioxidants like vitamins a, b, c, e, and so many others!

5. Limit your screen use when it is not necessary. Screen time limits are just for kids. Give your eyes, mind, and skin a break. Our screen time can give us so much while simultaneously taking so much away.
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