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Get Started with AKTIV

AKTIV is a wholesale beauty company dedicated to Co-Creation with their skincare mixology partners. We believe AKTIV is a perfect fit for anyone passionate about skincare and here's why! 


Business Strategy

 The benefit of a consumer-focused line is it encourages co-creation where the consumer works with a mixologist to mix and match industry-leading ingredients. Strategize your launch plan with or without a brick and mortar location.


Brand Empowerment

You're not jumpstarting your buiness alone AKTIV empowers your brand to incorporate a customization process that is an interactive experience offering confidence and transparency with business strategy coaching  email ed directly to you each Monday for 8 weeks . 

Wellness Wheel (4).png

Self Reflection

AKTIV grows and supports its mixology partners through its wellness program. This program allows AKTIV partners to grow their business, their brand, and themselves with business & wellness coaches.

Next Steps

Ready to bring your passion to life with our skincare mixology program! Jump start your partnership with one of these two options:

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