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Acne is a disorder where skin follicles (attached to the hair) become clogged creating redness and inflammation of the follicle. Acne bacteria are anaerobic which means they cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. Papules have no pus and pustules do have pus made up of white blood cells that arrived to fight the infection and died.

Skin has built up too much and the bacteria is now trapped under these built layers. Exfoliation is necessary for the oxygen to be able to kill the trapped bacteria. This also causes blackheads!

 In addition to exfoliating three times a week avoid products that are not pH balanced, have any fragrance, and are comedogenic (pore clogging). Balance the oil production and reduce inflammation.

When skin is producing too little or too much oil it disrupts the acid mantle. To keep the mantle secure use a pH spray and a gel moisturizer day and night. 


Lack of Oxygen

Inflamed Skin & Acne

Unbalanced Skin

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