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5 Things You MUST Know About Alpine Willowherb + The Science Behind It!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

1. It’s scientific name is Epilobium fleischeri. But, we know it as a plant called Alpine Willowherb.

2. This plant extract is an impressive mix of polyphenols. This is the main reason for it's skin calming and antioxidant benefits!

3. The leaves of Alpine Willowherb contain natural compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Applying this ingredient topically soothes common inflammations of the skin like psoriasis, eczema & rosacea. It reduces irritation and undesirable itchiness. (And without negative side effects that can typically be associated with traditional topical steroid creams!)

4. These powerful antiox flavonoids can help prevent the breakdown of collagen from damaging free radicals caused by UV ray exposure! Collagen maintains the skin’s youthful, supple appearance. Don’t let your client only rely on this however. SPF application is still ESSENTIAL in daily routine!

5. Because inflammation can be a likely precursor to bacteria, it’s important to understand that this potent antioxidant ingredient also plays an antibacterial role in the skin! This makes Alpine Willowherb the perfect choice to be paired with oily, acne prone skin. Making breakouts far and few in between!

So, how can this little plant have such a significant impact on the skin?

Let me tell you how...


Polyphenols are a chain of phenol molecules, which tend to have a large presence in plants. In skincare, we see these molecules prevail as flavonoids or bioflavonoids.

In Vivo, studies have shown success in polyphenols containing high antioxidant benefits. It’s sad to say that flavonoids cannot be made through the human body’s own natural processes. Fortunately, they don’t need to be! Through our epidermis’ permeability, they can be applied topically and absorbed through the Stratum Corneum.

Considering our clients’ (not to forget our own) epidermal layers are directly exposed to external sources of oxidative stressors. As skin care professionals, we are readying the skin to neutralize free radicals as soon as they attack. We do this by building their antioxidant reservoir. This keeps our healthy cells out of the free radical’s path of destruction!

Alternatively, when the amount of free radicals outnumber the skin’s antioxidant capacity intrinsic + extrinsic stresses can take the skin from moderated, graceful aging to accelerated premature aging.

"NO THANK YOU!" - said anyone and everyone

As a professional, you should be able to offer professional skincare solutions.

Enter, Rosacea Relief Alpine Willowherb PRO Skin Mixer.

Your facial protocols can be customized with this powerhouse ingredient to target skin concerns of Level 2 (Inflammation) + Level 3 (Bacteria)

This mixer is available for professional use included with the Pro Elite + Pro Premier packages listed along side of the full line up under "Starter Pack Info" right here on

If you want to know more on this season's facial protocol, check out the next vlog discussing, all things Fire & Ice!

-Taylor Benson, AKTIV VP of Sales + Education

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