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Don't let the acne scaries keep you from waxing!

There's no confidence killer quite like breaking out post wax!

Being acne prone can definitely steer a client from waxing services and can also prevent you from adding on extra services.

But how do we resolve this?

First we need to think back to how acne is triggered.

Here are two common ways:

  1. Bacteria

  2. Dead skin build up

OK! So now we have our potential triggers. Let's bring in the "culprit".


How are these two triggers linked to waxing?

1. Bacteria.

Bacteria is all around us.

The first step as the professional is to eliminate the bacteria we come in contact when offering a service like waxing by making sure our space, implements and tools are clean and disinfected. We also need to ensure our hands are clean and sanitized and so is the client's skin prior to application.

Once the skin surrounding the hair has been removed, there is fresh skin exposed. It's important that we take extra measures to prevent bacteria exposure. This can be done with antiseptic toners and post epilation products. Another way is through High Frequency.
(check out the bottom video below discussing HF)

2. Dead skin build up.

We just talked about how the fresh skin is revealed once it is waxed over. This means that if there was a dead skin build up prior to waxing due to improper skincare, there is likely to be clogged follicles beneath the surface from make up, oil and anything else that could be comedogenic. Make sure your clients are properly caring for their skin prior to waxing through enzymes, chemical and light mechanical exfoliation. This goes for all potentially waxed skin, not just the face. You can also recommend treating the skin with a service in preparation for this skin.

(check out the video below for a clogged pore facial breakdown)

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