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One trend Millennials and Gen Z can agree on

Updated: Jan 7, 2023


The idea is that prevention is much more effective than reversal when it comes to aging.

Take a lesson from the youth on youthful skin. Studies are showing the positive effect of using skincare as a preventative method to reduce the signs of aging. The generations before us were not averse to caring for their skin, however without the internet and the research they haven't been as well educated on the ways of fighting off the wrinkle. The goal was to always age gracefully, knowing it was inevitable. Whereas some Millenials and Gen z are taking a different approach. Perhaps, a more aggressive fight against the wrinkle, warding it off for as long as possible.

Some of these methods are as simple as joining the SPF movement. Wearing SPF has become a part of our youth's personality in some ways. Arguably one of the most effective ways. Not to mention the low cost and all age -appropriate appeal for anti-aging to be accessible in even teen years.

More aggressive, less cost-effective methods like botox have shown long-term research into the early use of Botox treatments suggesting that it significantly helps slow down the formulation of 11's, crow's feet, and forehead lines achieved through all the duck face scrunched forehead selfies back in the mid-2000s. The advanced treatments for preventive action make total sense due to the ability to paralyze the muscle responsible for creating lines to reduce the overall usage and wear and tear on the skin.

Unfortunately, in the professional world, we understand that to society it may seem "preventative" in comparison to previous generations, the aging process has already begun as people hit their early to mid-20s. As your 20s begin so does the body's reduction in collagen production. At an average of 1% every year. So overall making the term "preventative" a total misnomer.

Lucky for us, technology is advancing every day, with products and trending ingredients. So there is a happy medium for any of those who aren't quite ready to jump into an injector's chair.

Popular anti-aging ingredients to include in your regimen are vitamin C, bakuchiol (babchi fruit), hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and vitamin A.

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