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That's just show biz, baby!

Retail has been the life raft for many businesses keeping the the spa industry afloat.

"Every wall, every room (even the restroom!) offers the opportunity to showcase your spa’s offerings"

Allan Share, president of the Spa Industry Association, offers helpful insight on the importance of retail products:

Another reason why retail is an important element of a spa business is because retail does not live just in the front of the spa. Here are some immutable laws of retail to guide you:

  1. Showcase products in good lighting.

  2. Position products at eye level.

  3. Less can be more when stocking products on a shelf.

  4. Color-coordinate the placement of products.

  5. Move the inventory around so it looks new all the time.

  6. Close out those items that are not selling.

  7. Don’t offer discounts, instead bundle products or give closeout products away in gift boxes with a handwritten note to your best clients.

"When you think about a $100 spa treatment producing 25 to 40 percent gross profit, it sounds good, right?

However, if you sell $100 in retail products, you can make 50 to 75 percent gross profit." - Allan Share

The most important takeaway is to never limit yourself to one source of income. The ability to create many profit centers through your business is there, even as a single room, sole proprietor.

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