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The BEST Kept Anti Aging Secret.. (that's not really a secret!)

To SPF daily or to not SPF daily.. that is the question we must be answering for our clients!

Do you remember the moment you discovered that sunscreen wasn't just a precautionary measure to avoid sunburns on vacation. I do! I remember feeling like I had lived my whole life up until that moment completely mislead. It was shocking, earth shattering news to be told that SPF's role is so much more than that.

It's the #1 anti aging skincare product. It's also the #1 over looked anti aging product. Without it in a daily routine, yikes! We aren't doing as much anti aging and skin preservation as we thought.

Now, there can be some push back on this subject, especially from clients with concerns on the matter.

I want to help you overcome these SPF objections. Here are some common scenarios that may have felt challenging in the past!

OBJECTION #1: "It's winter. Why do I need SPF?."

Even if you are not an outdoorsy person you can still be exposed to the sun from commuting to and from work or even running errands. The majority of the population receives more than 15 minutes of sun exposure daily whether they recognize or not and that's enough to warrant daily SPF use. The winter season should cause more of a concern for sun damage. In the winter the sun is closest to the earth and the ozone layer thins out. This means there is less defense against the sun’s rays because there isn't a strong of an ozone barrier to absorbs the sun's radiation.

OBJECTION #2: "I work indoors. I'm almost never outside when the sun is up."

The sun is a hard one to escape. UVA (aging rays) can still reach you through glass windows. If you’re spending the day in a room with sunlight streaming through the windows, you're receiving a similar amount of UVA rays as you would be if you were outside.

OBJECTION #3: "My make up/moisturizer already has SPF in it."

Okay technically, any SPF is better than no SPF but I'm sorry it just isn't enough to substitute the application of a stand alone sun protectant. While most make up only covers UVB protection (burning rays), the real issue is actually that it just literally isn't enough SPF! It has been estimated that in order to get the actual UV protection rating promised on the product, you’d need to layer makeup as much as 15- 20 times thicker than you normally would wear or even be comfortable wearing.

The best way to incorporate make up SPF is by layering it on top of your favorite daily use SPF 30. In fact, by using this method, you are creating more of a "layered" defense to environmental stressors.

OBJECTION #4: Sunscreen makes me breakout. I can't wear it everyday, it's too heavy!"

The fear of breaking out when you have acne prone skin is REAL. I can understand that dealing with sun damaged skin later in life feels like clear choice to dealing with acne now. With the way technology has advanced there are so many SPFs on the market that are not thick goopy and pore clogging. You can find an SPF that works for you and your skin type so you don't have to settle on a skin condition.

In fact, I may have just the solution for you. Looking for an SPF that check off all your boxes?



A friendly reminder:

As professionals, we should not fear-monger the sun. Or place this unfair expectation on clients. We all still have lives to live and the sun will always be a part of any lifestyle. There are additional measures you can take and coach on for an enjoyable life with healthy skin.

The Skin Cancer Foundation suggests applying SPF to your entire body before you get dressed. At minimum, they recommend applying sunscreen to those easy-to-forget areas like your ears, neck or scalp.

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